The best permaculture walnut guild, and how to produce more food from a smaller area

A plant guild is a community of plants that grows well together. Synthesizing these conditions involves mimicking how plants grow in natural ecosystems. In forests, savannas, and prairies, some plants grow well together and influence each other positively, and some don't. When they don't have a beneficial impact on each other, plants can be either neutral or harmful to each other. But that's … [Read more...]

Best nitrogen fixing tall trees for temperate climate

Nitrogen is one of the more essential plant nutrients. Without sufficient nitrogen level in the soil, plants’ growth will be extremely slow. That's why the best pioneer plants that are being used in permaculture design are nitrogen fixing plants. But just because a certain plant is a nitrogen fixing plant, it doesn't ensure that it fixes nitrogen efficiently. That is why I decided to create a list … [Read more...]

Is feeding animals with manure the way to go?

This entry treats about cows, pigs and amino acids. But before we get dirty let’s start with some basic facts about humans’ and pigs’ nutrition to make sure we’re on the same page. What does it take to fattened pigs efficiency? It is said that all animals need proteins to be fattened efficient. Is it really true? Not entirely – in fact all we really need is a substance which proteins are made of … [Read more...]