How to turn poor, sandy soil into lush pasture for horses

Many people have the same problem - they have very poor, sandy soil and they are wondering can they create a good horse pasture. The good news is that it can be done. First we need to figure out... Why sandy soils sucks? Sandy soils are usually very infertile - they simply do not have enough nutrients. Not only that, they do not have the capacity to hold a lot of nutrients, so simply spreading … [Read more...]

Is feeding animals with manure the way to go?

This entry treats about cows, pigs and amino acids. But before we get dirty let’s start with some basic facts about humans’ and pigs’ nutrition to make sure we’re on the same page. What does it take to fattened pigs efficiency? It is said that all animals need proteins to be fattened efficient. Is it really true? Not entirely – in fact all we really need is a substance which proteins are made of … [Read more...]

Granite rock dust as a plant fertilizer

Over a century ago granite rock dust was accidentally used by Julius Hensel as a fertilizer in his vegetable garden. He worked as a miller and some stones got milled while he was milling flour. As he needed to dispose of this "waste" he put it in his garden. The effect? He sprinkled this stone meal over the soil of his garden and was surprised to note how the vegetables took on a new, more … [Read more...]