How to get the benefits from rock dust fertilizer without hauling tons of material

Sometime ago I was researching the topic “how to use different rock dusts (basalt rock dust, stone meal, granite rock dust, azomite rock dust, etc.) as fertilizers in agriculture.” Usually most of the research is clear – the more stuff you put in, the better the results are. 10 tons per acre/20 tons per hectare are often better than 1/10 of the dose, and even 20 tons per acre/40 per hectare are … [Read more...]

How to permanently improve your sandy soil

One of the problems a lot of people have is how to improve the fertility of sandy soil. One solution is to add more organic matter (compost, manure, wood chips), but unfortunately if you live in a hot and humid climate the stuff you put in the soil is going to decompose quickly, since microbial activity is so fast. That creates a serious problem, because your poor sandy soil is not holding … [Read more...]

Getting your soil right part 1: Cation Exchange Capacity and base saturation

I've already mentioned a few times that to produce healthy fruit, vegetables, cereals, animals and ultimately humans, soil need to be “balanced”. And by “balanced” I don't mean any esoteric term. I mean that minerals and plant nutrients need to be in the soil in certain quantity and they need to be balanced with each other. I don't know will you believe me, but the knowledge how to grow high … [Read more...]

Why your organic produce food sucks?

You probably know already that the term “organic food” is based on ideology and doesn’t have to do with growing nutrient dense fruit, vegetables or animals. This is why we need to grow food that's "beyond organic" – simply better than organic. Organic agriculture, the good: no pesticides. To some extend, that's not bad: I consider the exclusion of pesticide use a beneficial thing. My readers are … [Read more...]

Some nutrients in our fruits, vegetables, meats are down by more than 76% since 1940

British studies shows that between 1940 and 1991 some nutrients in our food went down by 76%. I'm not talking about proteins or carbohydrates, but minerals. Also it's not some green wash. It's reality, simple math. Before... the stuff was there in certain amounts, now there is less of it. Reasons for that are multiple, I will talk about it the other time. Change of nutrient content of British … [Read more...]

Why organic grown food is not good enough?

Let me give you an extensive quote from the book "The Intelligent Gardener: Growing Nutrient-Dense food" by Steve Solomon with Erica Reinheimer. I request that you take a moment to step back from those opinions and have a good look at them. If your opinions favor organics, you should know that the information that shaped them almost certainly originated from J.I. Rodale’s Organic Gardening … [Read more...]

Basalt rock dust as plant fertilizer

One of the most valuable soil amendments and organic fertilizers is volcanic rock dust. Granite rock dust is one example, basalt rock dust is another. Basalt rock dust as a source of natural nutrients for plants Basalt is an igneous rock. That means it wasn't processed or transformed by environment, so the plant nutrients in it, are just as they were when they came out of the center of the … [Read more...]

Mycorrhizal fungi are greedy capitalist pigs!

If you know something about permaculture, then probably you heard that mycorrhizal fungus: live in symbiotic relationship with plants help plants to extract nutrients from the soil promote more abundant yields improved resistance to soil pathogens and environmental stress It comes with a price as fungus does not do it because it have "a good heart", but because it gets carbohydrates from the … [Read more...]

How to turn poor, sandy soil into lush pasture for horses

Many people have the same problem - they have very poor, sandy soil and they are wondering can they create a good horse pasture. The good news is that it can be done. First we need to figure out... Why sandy soils sucks? Sandy soils are usually very infertile - they simply do not have enough nutrients. Not only that, they do not have the capacity to hold a lot of nutrients, so simply spreading … [Read more...]

Is feeding animals with manure the way to go?

This entry treats about cows, pigs and amino acids. But before we get dirty let’s start with some basic facts about humans’ and pigs’ nutrition to make sure we’re on the same page. What does it take to fattened pigs efficiency? It is said that all animals need proteins to be fattened efficient. Is it really true? Not entirely – in fact all we really need is a substance which proteins are made of … [Read more...]