How to grow high Brix Wheatgrass for juicing?

I’ve read few few forum posts about people having problems with growing high quality wheat grass for juicing. What is “high quality wheatgrass”? It’s wheatgrass that produce high Brix juice.

Brix is the amount of dissolved solids in certain liquid. Those solids that can be found in plants are:

  • sugars
  • amino acids
  • minerals
  • vitamins
  • phytonutrients (plant goodies)

You can measure Brix of plant’s juice with a refractometer.

To make long story short the more efficient the photosynthesis is the more efficient the plant will be in producing glucose. Glucose is the basic energy “currency” that plants use to create everything else (including amino acids). So what does it takes for a plant to produce a lot of glucose? It takes plenty of water, light and good nutrition in the form of minerals. Good food requires following minerals:

  • macronutirents (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium)
  • micronutrients (calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur)
  • trace minerals (boron, chlorine, manganese, iron, zinc, copper, molybdenum, nickel
  • trace minerals not required by plants but essential for animals (iodine, selenium, and probably a lot more)

Benefits of high Brix Wheatgrass

There are many benefits of drinking high Brix vs. low Brix wheatgrass juice. The main one is that the the higher the Brix the higher is the mineral content of the juice, so it provides you with more minerals, more vitamins, more phytonutrients and more amino acids. But that’s not the whole story. High Brix wheatgrass juice is naturally more sweet (as approximately half of Brix are simple sugars).

Not only that, high Brix plants are easier to grow as they more resistant to fungus, viral and bacterial diseases and insects pressure.

High Brix Wheatgrass for juicing

12,5 Brix wheatgrass is in the container in the middle. It’s not as tall as others, because I’ve put basalt rock dust on top of the soil instead of mixing it with the soil. It’s bad because basalt rock dust (or any rock dust) don’t hold water properly, so plants are easy to be waterlogged or too dry. Please notice the intense, dark green color (as compared to the 9-10,5 Brix wheat grass growing next to it).


How to grow high Brix Wheatgrass?

I managed to grow (under natural light conditions) 17-18 Brix Wheatgrass.

The soil mix I use: Mix 8 parts of normal compost with 3 parts of rock dust (I used basalt rock dust) and 3 parts of bone and blood meal. Mix it all well.

Put your soil mix in to a tray, around 2 inches deep (5 cm). Water well, so the soil is wet. Sow wheat, cover your trays with a lid or clingfilm, so they will stay moist for 2 days. Put the container in a warm place. After wheat start to germinate you put the tray in a sunny place. Keep your plants well watered. After around 10-15 days (more if the weather is bad) your Wheatgrass should be ready for juicing.

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